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Head protection>Safety Helmets & Hard Hats>YS-998

Mining Safety Helmets

Model No. YS-998


It is suitable for mineral industry, tunnel projects, construction and maintenance for power, communication, highway, and railway at
night, night lamp for cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for fighting a flood, rescuing and marine use.                          Main characteristics:
1.Low cost, high safety
2.Maintenance free Lead acid calcium battery is used
3.Main light source used 7pcs of high bright and small power LED
4.Handset charger is used. 
5.Available color: Yellow / Red

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Mining Hard Hats with 7 LED , ABS Shell , High Quality

Applications: Agriculture/Asbestos Abatement/Chemical/ Construction/Domestic Preparedness/ Electric Utility/Hazardous  Materials/Indoor Air Quality/Medical/Mining/Nuclear/Oil & Gas/Paper & Pulp /Sand Blasting /Sanding & Grinding/Spray Painting /Water/Wastewater/Welding


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