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Respiratory protection>Particulate Respirator >8220

Particulate Respirators,Disposable Respirators

Description Model No. 8220

FFP2 particulate respirator   ◆Conforms to European EN149:2001 FFP2 standards with CE 0086 marking. ◆Foldable design, seal edge avoids open layers and eliminates the possibility of irritation.                      ◆ Low breathing resistance for increased wearer comfort.             ◆Soft edges fit different facial shapes with minimum leakage. ◆Polypropylene(P.P) outer/inner layers provides smooth lining and comfortable feel.                    ◆Heavy-duty head straps, adjustable nose clip and soft foam nosepiece for comfortable custom fit.



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              Meet EN Standard

Disposable respirators (particulate respirator)are recommended if you work in dusty environments, i.e. grinding, sanding, metal machining, Disposable respirator should be as comfortable as possible so people not only wear them, but want to wear them.

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